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  • To obtain an RMA number, please fill out the RMA form above, read the below information and click the [Submit] button at the bottom of the page.

    - The model and serial number of the unit;
    - Detailed problem description;
    - Please include original copy of the invoice or proof of purchase with the shipment. This information may be required to process RMA request.
    - For notebook computers, please include the CPU, hard drive and RAM so that we can complete our testing quickly and thoroughly.

    Packing and shipping instructions:

    - It is important that you retain the ORIGINAL BOX AND PACKAGING in which you received your DURABOOK computer.  Should you need to return the system to DURABOOK for service, this packaging provides the safest means of packaging your system to assure a safe arrival at Durabook.  Should the situation arise where shipping the system back to Durabook is required.
    - Please print the RMA# legibly on the outside of the shipping carton, and be sure to mark that number clearly on your shipping label or out-side the package.

    To check for RMA status, please visit Contact Support to request status, we will reply you in 24 Hours.

    In certain cases, we need your response(s) to complete the RMA process. If for any reasons, we can not get in touch with you after several attempts by phone, email, and regular mail, we reserve the rights to recycle your computer.


    Note 1. Out of Warranty Repair items will be charged a $190.00 diagnostic fee. If the customer decides to proceed with repairs, this diagnostic fee will be applied to the final cost of the repair. Customer is responsible for payment of parts, labor and the $26.50 return shipping and handling charges.
    Note 2. Durabook is not responsible for any data LOST or DAMAGED in the hard drive. We WILL REFORMAT your hard drive as necessary to repair the notebook. It is the user's responsibility to back-up any data (either application or files) from the hard drive before shipping.
    Note 3. If Durabook determines that a product arrived in insecure or unreliable packaging, Durabook will charge $15.00 for standard packaging to return ship.
    Note 4. The RMA is valid only for the items originally listed on the request form and is valid for 30 days from the issue date. Items shipped without a proper RMA# will be returned without being repaired.
    Note 5. Unauthorized use of Durabook's shipping account will result in RMA unit being held until account is refunded.

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