The World’s First Terabyte Rugged Notebook Computer

1/7/10  |  Press Releases

The World’s First Terabyte Rugged Notebook Computer

GAMMATECH’s DURABOOK D14 E-Series Offers One Terabyte Disk Space

FREMONT, CA – (1/7/10) – Continuing its strategy of providing the mobile rugged notebook users with more features and higher performance at less cost, GammaTech Computer Corporation today announced the D14 E-Series, the first rugged notebook computer with one terabyte hard disk space.

Based on the proven and successful GAMMATECH DURABOOK D14RM, the E-Series has two shock mounted 500-gigabyte disk drives with RAID functionality. Now those users who are in the field and demand the utmost storage capability in their mobile device, can have storage capability of one terabyte with the E-Series rugged notebook computer.

“Our customers demand configurability, performance, durability and a reasonable price for their rugged notebook computers,” says Steven Gau, President. “The GAMMATECH DURABOOK D14 E-Series now extends the GAMMATECH rugged product line and provides an affordable solution with greater value to our customers.”


The three E-Series models (E0, E1, E2) allow you to choose the right configuration for your mobile computing needs. The E0 is configured for maximum data capacity and performance. This RAID-0 device provides one terabyte disk space addressable as a single, high performance unit. The E1 eliminates data loss concerns by providing real time data backup and synchronization in a RAID-1 device. The E2 offers maximum flexibility with two separate 500GB hard disk drives. This allows users an organized separation between different types of data.


The D14 E-Series provides performance at both the system and component level. All models come with an Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor clocking at greater than 2 GHz. Intel® Core™2 Duo processor delivers faster multitasking performance and greater energy efficiency so that users can be more productive. By combining breakthrough processing speeds with advanced power-saving features, Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor lets users get more done in less time. At a component level, the E-Series has a 7,200-rpm disk and RAID-0 as options. The 7,200-rpm disk drive increases performance by reducing rotational delay and the RAID-0 capability provides less delay between hard disk read/writes, allowing faster access to user’s data.


The GAMMATECH DURABOOK D14 E-Series is tested using Military 810F guidelines insuring protection against drop, shock, spill and dust and is protected by a magnesium alloy case. The unit has a spill resistant keyboard and insulation around the keyboard and system switches to protect against accidental spills. Anti-shock materials surround the system’s vital components to protect your data from drop and shock. The input/output port rubber caps provide dust resistance.


The D14 E-Series and the entire GAMMATECH DURABOOK product line are available through authorized GammaTech DURABOOK resellers nationwide. Please visit for more information.

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