The Durabook N15RI stands tough in the face of competition.

8/8/05  |  Press Releases


Newest edition to Durabook notebook computer line features world class computing abilities and a rugged design tough enough to survive under real world conditions

FREMONT, CA — (August 16th, 2005)

GammaTech Computer Corp. has introduced its new Durabook N15RI, a rugged notebook computer built to perform in the toughest conditions. The Durabook N15RI is the newest member of GammaTech’s Durabook line and offers a range of features that will please both seasoned road warriors and everyday users alike.

GammaTech’s Durabook N15RI boasts a magnesium alloy case that is 20 times stronger than traditional plastic cases. In addition, the Durabook N15RI includes an anti-shock mounting design that offers added protection for critical components, such as the LCD, RAM, Intel-powered CPU, and HDD, so that the notebook can survive and thrive under real world computing conditions.

“We have engineered the Durabook N15RI to be an all-purpose notebook computer that will function flawlessly in multiple environments,” said Steven Gau, President of GammaTech Computer Corp.. “The N15RI has been tested again and again for resilience against the types of drops and spills that occur in the real world and has continuously excelled throughout each test. The Durabook N15RI is a perfect computer for professionals who are constantly on the go and for seasoned travelers who need to be able to work and access the Internet in different locations.”

Durabook’s N15RI includes a vibrant, 15-inch LCD screen, an Intel® Pentium® M processor 730 or higher with 533MHz FSB speed and 2MB L2 Cache, or a Celeron-M 350 CPU, and a DVD+/-RW multi drive or DVD/CDRW combo drive. The N15RI’s toughness continues right to the computer’s core and features an interior spill-resistant C-face keyboard, touchpad, speakers, and LED for durable performance under harsh conditions.

GammaTech’s Durabook N15RI is priced starting at $1499.00 and is available from national retailers and e-tailers. Additional information about the Durabook line of notebook computers and GammaTech Computer Corp. can be found at

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