Gammatech Releases The Durabook D15TS: A Notebook Tough Enough For The Real World.

1/2/08  |  Press Releases


Tough notebook PC can handle the drops, shocks and spills of the real world.

FREMONT, CA --January 3th, 2008 –

In a perfect world, the lightweight, compact notebook computer is suitable to “slip into a backpack, take anywhere, work anywhere”. However, in the real world, the very features that make the notebook computer attractive also make it likely to get spilled on, banged and dropped - too often resulting in serious and costly damage. Toughness and durability are important common sense features that most notebook computers lack.

To address this problem, GammaTech Computer Corporation introduces the D15TS, the seventh generation of its semi-rugged Durabook line. With over six years of experience producing the award winning Durabook line of computers, Gammatech Computer Corporation is the first notebook manufacturer to promote the semi-rugged platform to the mass consumer market.

“Compared to ‘bargain’ notebooks, the Durabook D15TS more than pays for itself and helps protect the owner’s financial investment with long-term durability and performance,” said Steven Gau, President of GammaTech. “This is a portable computer that is built to withstand everyday accidents, a bike ride to school, an off-road weekend trip to the wilderness, and even a coffee spill at your favorite hotspot location. The Durabook D15TS is a durable notebook PC built for the real world.”

The new Durabook D15TS is sturdy enough to take everyday knocks and bumps in stride with a 15.4” wide screen LCD display, anti-shock mounted hard drive, a magnesium alloy case, a spill-resistant keyboard, a protective spill tray underneath the keyboard to prevent accidental damage due to spills and a patented optical disk tray lock. The unit’s lightweight magnesium alloy case, 20 times stronger than ABS plastic, is tested to withstand drops from 29-inches onto plywood over concrete (unit off and display closed). The magnesium alloy top and bottom case protects the system’s vital components such as LCD, HDD and motherboard.

Performance inside and out

The tough exterior of the Durabook D15TS is matched by superior performance inside. Powered by Intel Centrino® Duo Mobile Technology, the D15TS features a 4 MB Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor and is 3G upgradeable. The D15TS includes double protection smart battery circuitry, which helps prevent damage caused by overheating and voltage surges, as well as battery calibration that helps fight battery capacity loss after repeated charges and discharges. For security and identity protection, the unit features a smart card socket for identity protection and TPM (Trusted Platform Module) security device. Finally, a patented DVD/CD tray lock prevents unintentional ejection of the tray and disk due to drops or vibration.

The 6.39-pound unit offers an anti shock mounted 15.4-inch LCD screen with WXGA resolution (1280 x 800). Other features of the Durabook D15TS include an anti shock mounted 80/100/120/160 GB hard drive, Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator x3100, Intel® Smart 2D display, and an Intel® Pro/Wireless 3925ABG (802.11 a/b/g) network connection with optional Bluetooth EDR 2.0 capabilities.

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