GammaTech launches tough, new "born to be rugged" Durabook line of ruggedized notebooks

3/7/05  |  Press Releases

GammaTech launches tough, new "born to be rugged" Durabook line of ruggedized notebooks

GammaTech, the tough notebook specialists, today launched the exciting new Durabook line, notebooks engineered to survive and thrive under real world computing conditions.

Like all GammaTech notebooks, the Durabook line is designed for power and mobility, featuring outstanding communications abilities with a wide choice of sizes and configurations to meet the needs of diverse customers. Unlike most notebooks, which are designed to work under ideal computing conditions, GammaTech Durabooks are born to be rugged, ready for operation under a range of adverse conditions. For 2005, GammaTech notebooks will focus on ruggedized or fully ruggedized design.

In a perfect world, we all use our notebooks in dry, computer-friendly environments. We protect our mobile PCs from spills and drops. But in a real world populated by on-the-go travelers, hyperactive kids, busy waiters, airport security screeners and careless baggage handlers, we don't always have the final say. And - while its fine to say notebooks must operate under clean, dry, hazard-free conditions - our notebooks need to be rugged enough to get the job done at rough-and-tumble job sites, on active factory floors and in less-than-safe laboratories as well as in airport lounges, on beaches and in restaurants or coffee shops.

Made for the real world, all Durabook notebooks are certified for spill resistant from water as well as shock and drop resistance. The product line includes ruggedized consumer notebook and industrial strength fully ruggedized notebooks and tablets.

Available soon in selected markets, the Durabook N15RI is a good representative of GammaTech's ruggedized consumer notebooks. The Durabook N15RI features a drop resistant, 20-times-harder than plastic alloy base case while anti-shock mounting protects LCD screen and hard drive from damage and data loss. Spill resistant keyboard, touchpad and scroll buttons keep water spills away from internal components. And a GammaTech patented lock protects the N15RI's optical drive and disks from damage.

Powered by the new generation Intel® Pentium® M Dothan 1.6~2.13 GHz, FSB 533MHz CPU, the N15RI is designed to bring new flexibility and performance to the mobile computing experience, delivering maximum productivity with minimum power consumption. Ready to accommodate up to two gigabytes of fast memory, this tough powerhouse is ready to run all major productivity and entertainment applications in blazing speed.

With the new Intel® 915GM chipset the Durabook N15RI is ready for serial advanced technology architecture or SATA drives that deliver a disk traffic transfer rate of up to 150MB per second.

A bright 15-inch TFT LCD screen display combines with Intel® GMA 900 integrated in Core Logic Chip with 2D/3D video graphic accelerators for outstanding display of business material and today's hottest entertainment.

Rugged enough to go anywhere, the Durabook N15RI has everything a commuter or frequent traveler needs to stay in touch everywhere whether through wireless, wired LAN or dial up networks. With a standard battery, Durabook N15RI operates for up to 3.5 hours under normal conditions. An optional Li-lon 9-cell Smart Battery Pack extends battery life to 5 hours. Along with the other models of Durabook, N1400, N15RB, and N15RN, GammaTech has its complete Durabook product line ready for the new notebook market.

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