Durabook Adds Two Stylish and Rugged Notebook Computers.

8/20/06  |  Press Releases

Durabook Adds Two Stylish and Rugged Notebook Computers

Popular line introduces D13RI and D14RI models, resistant to shocks, drops and spills

FREMONT, CA—GammaTech Computer Corp., a global leader in design, manufacturing and sales of award-winning, build-to-order, portable notebook computers, today announced the addition of two new Durabook rugged notebook computers to its product line. The Durabook D13RI has a 13.3” wide screen display which gives users a choice of the popular wide screen format; the D14RI offers a new enhanced rugged design in the popular Durabook 14” format. While the original Durabook N14RI has a classic black case, the new D14RI has a sleek silver casing with four black bumpers surrounding the edges of the casing, providing greater protection for the notebook and increased drop-resistance. Both models carry a two-year warranty.

GammaTech Durabook notebook computers combine elegant style with lightweight portability and a rugged quality not typically found in notebooks. Both new Durabook models are protected by a lightweight magnesium alloy case that is 20 times stronger than traditional plastic cases, yet the Durabook notebook still weighs less than six pounds.

Each Durabook notebook meets the military 810F specification for drop resistance, and passes U.S. military standards for shock and spill resistance as well. With GammaTech’s anti-shock mounting design, all Durabooks provide additional protection for critical components, such as the LCD, RAM, Intel-powered CPU and HDD. A spill resistant keyboard, touchpad and switches prevent spills from seeping into sensitive interior parts and the Durabook notebook easily withstands shocks and drops no other consumer notebook could absorb.

“In the real world, people use their notebooks in all types of environments which may cause accidental damage to the system. One mishap such as a drop or a liquid spill and the portable user soon discovers that a “bargain” notebook is no bargain at all if you have to keep repairing or replacing your system,” explained Steven Gau, President of GammaTech Corporation. “Durabook notebooks more than pay for themselves.”

Because the Durabook D14RI and D13RI are built for real world experiences, they protect their owner’s financial investment and offer long-term performance and durability.

The rugged Durabook also includes added protection around the smart battery circuitry to help prevent damage from overheating and voltage surges, as well as battery calibration that helps prolong battery life after repeated charges and discharges. A patented DVD/CD tray lock prevents unintentional ejection of the optical disk compartment if the notebook is dropped or subjected to excessive vibration.

The new Durabook D13RI has a 13.3-inch wide screen display, an Intel® Pentium® M processor 740 or higher with 533MHz FSB speed and 2MB L2 Cache, or a Celeron-M 350 CPU, and a DVD/CDRW combo or DVD dual drive. The Durabook D14RI model has comparable specifications and comes with a 14-inch LCD display.

GammaTech’s Durabook D13RI is priced starting at $1,099.00 and the D14RI is priced starting at $999.00. Both notebooks are available from national computer distributors, retailers and online sources.

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