GammaTech Partners with AE Tools to Provide Rugged Computing Solutions For Automotive Industry

4/11/16  |  Press Releases

GammaTech Partners with AE Tools to Provide Rugged Computing Solutions For Automotive Industry


Companies Team Up to Provide Tough, Durable, Rugged Notebooks and Tablets for

Demanding Auto Repair-Shop Environment


Fremont, CA – April 12, 2016 – GammaTech Computer Corp. is pleased to announce its latest partnership with AE Tools, a provider of OEM-level diagnostic solutions and dealer-level support for aftermarket repair shops, heavy-duty repair facilities, and automotive locksmiths. Together, the two companies will provide GammaTech’s award-winning DURABOOK line of rugged mobile computing solutions to the demanding automotive aftermarket repair-shop industry. 


Built-Tough DURABOOK Computers

GammaTech DURABOOK rugged computers are ideal for AE Tools’ customers. Their magnesium alloy case is 20 times stronger than ABS plastic, and they are built to Military Standard 810G for drop, shock, spill, and dust protection, with many models having an IP65 rating, ensuring they are sealed tight from damaging water and dust intrusion. Their C face – including keyboard, keypad, buttons, and indicators – is designed for maximum spill protection, while their electronic feature-set allows users to increase productivity and connectivity. Many models include an optional backlit keyboard for working inside a dark vehicle and a daylight visible screen for outdoor work bays.


Among the first GammaTech products offered by AE Tools is the DURABOOK SA14 rugged notebook with high-definition 14” LCD display and Intel i7 processor. It features a battery life of up to 11 hours – long enough even for those overtime days – and assorted wireless connectivity for convenient mobile use out on the shop floor. It also features a native DB 9-pin serial port, a critical component with older automotive hardware originally designed to use serial bus as the communication line.  The SA14’s design and construction are well suited to a variety of in vehicle-mounted/docked, and dismounted applications.


“With dust, heat, and constantly being moved around to different bays or placed in precarious positions, ruggedized computers are an absolute necessity in an auto repair shop environment” commented Joey Hendrich, AE Tools co-owner. “We have found that with their built-tough design and many features that are essential to our industry, DURABOOK notebooks and tablets are the perfect solution for our customers. We are proud to offer them and confidently recommend them to our customers for virtually any situation.”


AE Tools Fills Void

AE Tools is focused on bringing OEM-diagnostic solutions to the automotive aftermarket with on-car support. It is a need that has only intensified over the last decade, as the aftermarket industry has shifted to include more and more computer-centric vehicles. OEM scan tools and service information are necessary to properly diagnose and repair such vehicles. AE Tools has stepped in and filled the void by providing the needed products and expertise to make them work properly.


“GammaTech is excited to partner with AE Tools in providing their customers with the necessary high-performance, durable computer solutions to be successful in a very competitive industry,” stated Tom Wang, GammaTech president. “Two areas of emphasis shared by our companies are customer service and satisfaction. By working together we can ensure both, as we are able to customize any of our products to match the unique needs of any of AE Tools’ customers, ensuring they are receiving the right product for their specific situation.”


Award-Winning Products

GammaTech has a well-earned reputation and a long history in producing computers for the rugged market. It has been named a winner in Government Security News’ Homeland Security Awards in the Best Rugged Computers category multiple times.


About AE Tools

Founded in 2005, AE Tools is a family-owned business located in Olathe, Kansas. It provides independent aftermarket repair shops, heavy-duty repair facilities, and automotive locksmiths worldwide with OEM-level diagnostic solutions and dealer-level support for on-car computer programming, and immobilizer and security-related issues along with scan-tool maintenance and repair. It also builds and services PCs, and develops high-tech electronics for use in the automotive industry. Built on superior customer service, the company offers real-time on-vehicle web-based technical service to assist its customers in using computer diagnostic tools.


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About GammaTech Computer Corporation

GammaTech Computer Corporation is a leader in the design, manufacture and sales of cost-effective, high-performance mobile computing solutions throughout North America. Its award-winning line of rugged and hardened notebook and tablet computers are designed and built-to-order to increase mobile productivity for business, government, healthcare, fire, public safety and a host of other entities. GammaTech offers a complete portfolio of products that delivers power and performance needed in the most demanding work environments, resulting in increased productivity and accelerated return on investment. GammaTech is headquartered in Fremont, California, which provides the final assembly, inventory, service and technical support.


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