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Durabook specializes in the development and manufacturing of customizable rugged and semi-rugged laptops and mobile tablets. Each Durabook mobile device offers multiple hardware options and configurations to create mission-specialized and application-specific computers.

Durabook has developed a loyal customer base around the globe, which includes the U.S. Armed Forces, public safety agencies, field service organizations, as well as companies that specialize in oil & gas, logistics, healthcare, utilities, and automotive industries. Durabook has become synonymous with durable, affordable, and customizable configurations at a competitive offering.

Warehouse Management CASE STUDY

“The difference our products make in the day-to-day operations of our customer’s and our own business is all the proof we need that Durabook products deliver a real return on investment.”

On a daily basis, the company managed hundreds of incoming parts, outgoingfinished product, service orders, and more. To manage the inventory management process, the company used laptops, barcode scanners, and paper to track incoming and outgoing inventory. To pick the oldest goods from shelf – first-in, first-out – the warehouse technician would print out a list of serial numbers, then match that information with items on the shelf. Those items would be….



fully integrated & customizable

The brand new S14I semi-rugged laptop sets a new standard for customizable, mission-specialized technology. A smart device knows how to communicate in every way, and the S14I says it all: it’s compatible with a full range of interfaces, and the PCI Express slot offers all the customized expansion you may need.

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